Spa Services Salt Lake City, UT

Is Pumpkin Good For More Than Just Eating?

Pumpkin spice lattes, pumpkin pie, pumpkin soup, pumpkin centerpieces; if there’s one thing to know about fall it’s that pumpkin is everywhere. Even though pumpkin-flavored foods are a staple of most Americans fall diet, did you know that pumpkin is also good for your skin? In addition to getting regular skin care treatments from Form […]

CoolSculpting Salt Lake City UT

Frequently Asked Questions About CoolSculpting

Having stubborn unwanted fat is something that most of us have. And although diet and exercise are both extremely helpful at helping patients get rid of this excess fat, sometimes that won’t even do the trick. If you are having a hard time contouring your body a little more, but you don’t want to undergo […]

HydraFacial Cottonwood Heights, UT

Wanna Amp Up Your Skin Care Routine? Consider a HydraFacial

Having dry, chapped skin can feel like you just stuck your head in a volcano for 200 years. If you want to skip the burnt marshmallow feeling and give your skin the hydration it needs, we have several options here at Form Medical Spa. But one option, in particular, is gaining popularity among patients everywhere: […]

Why Your Experience Matters To Us

Here at Form Medical Spa, we pride ourselves on not only providing our patients with a variety of excellent services and results but on a great experience as well. Whether you’re coming into our office for CoolSculpting or a spa facial, our goal is to ensure that you leave our office feeling like you were […]

Brows and Lashes Cottonwood Heights UT

Why You May Want to Brow Down to a Brow Lift

If there’s one trend that isn’t going anywhere anytime soon, it’s having thick, dark, full eyebrows. However, although microneedling can do wonders in that area, if you have loose, baggy, or drooping skin around your eyebrows, microneedling isn’t going to fix this issue. If the skin around your eyebrow line is making you feel old […]

Skin Care Products Salt Lake City, UT

When to Consider Medical Grade Skin Care

It used to be that you could use a simple bar of soap for just about anything. Stains on your carpet? Sure. Cleaning your face? You bet. Washing your hair? Why not. But fortunately, times have changed, and dermatologists have realized that your skin tends to need a little more tender love and care than […]

CO2RE® CO2 INTIMA™ Salt Lake City, UT

Intimacy Doesn’t Die With Age: How CO2RE Intima Can Help

When it comes to sexual intimacy, there’s one thing that’s for certain: it doesn’t have to die with age. In fact, you should be able to experience the same sexual satisfaction that you did in your 20’s in your 50’s and 60’s. Whether age or childbirth have left you unable to experience the same sexual […]

PRP Salt Lake City, UT

Why Vampire Facials Are So Popular

If you were to talk to any teenager about ten years ago, they would tell you that vampires are everything and that if you hadn’t read “Twilight,” you were missing out big time. However, just like with all things, the vampire faze— for the most part— has faded, until now. As one of the most […]

Radiofrequency Skin Tightening Salt Lake City, UT

FAQ Time: Let’s Talk Radiofrequency Skin Tightening

It seems like just about everyone and their mother knows something about skincare. Whether it’s as basic as washing your face before bed or as complex as understanding collagen loss as you age, it’s safe to say that you know at least something about skincare. One procedure, however, that not many patients are familiar with […]

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