Is Pumpkin Good For More Than Just Eating?

Skin Care Salt Lake City, UTPumpkin spice lattes, pumpkin pie, pumpkin soup, pumpkin centerpieces; if there’s one thing to know about fall it’s that pumpkin is everywhere. Even though pumpkin-flavored foods are a staple of most Americans fall diet, did you know that pumpkin is also good for your skin? In addition to getting regular skin care treatments from Form Medical Spa, you may want to add some pumpkin skin care products to your list as well. This article will take a closer look at the benefits of pumpkin for your skin.

Alpha Hydroxy Acids

When it comes to finding skin care products that contain natural anti-aging components, nothing will give you the results quite like alpha hydroxy acids (AHAs). AHAs work by increasing cell turnover and brightening and smoothing the skin in the process. One of the best things about pumpkin is that it is packed full of AHAs which means that if you use it topically, it should help with anti-aging and skin texture.


Antioxidants aren’t just important for you to eat, but they are also essential to apply topically to your skin. Pumpkin, in particular, contains the antioxidant Vitamin A which works to boost collagen production, soothe the skin, and soften the skin to give you a more youthful look.

How To Apply Pumpkin Products

When you are first looking for pumpkin skin care products, please make sure that you read the labels, because you want to get skincare that uses pumpkin that’s raw and unprocessed (that way you know it has more vitamins in it). If you aren’t sure about the pumpkin skin care products on the market, you can always put raw, pureed pumpkin directly on your skin as a type of face mask.

There’s no denying that the anti-aging benefits of pumpkin are real. If you want to learn more about how you can take better care of your skin, schedule a skin care consultation with us at our Salt Lake City office and call us at 801-513-FACE.

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