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There is a game changer in the world of VAGINAL REJUVENATION! As women age, have children, gain/ lose weight, & experience hormone changes many parts of the body are adversely affected. One part of the body which doesn’t get talked about but undergoes HUGE changes for a woman is the Vagina. The Vagina is a dynamic structure in the body which experiences activity, requires flexibility AND recoil. Unfortunately, these things decline and are often lost as a woman ages and undergoes childbirth. The goal of vaginal rejuvenation is to restore the proper function and appearance to the vaginal area WITHOUT surgery.

This is the hand piece we use for treatment

Until only a few years ago the only option for women who were experiencing symptoms for postmenopausal vaginitis including: vaginal itching, dryness, painful intercourse and LAXITY aka looseness of the vagina (& women usually experience this far before the age of menopause) was an invasive and harsh surgery which only last for a few short years or hormone creams such as estrogen which can carry risk and only treat the superficial layer of tissue. The pathology, is at a much deeper level. Different than surgery, the laser affects the deep layer of tissue called the dermal layer which increases blood flow to the vagina, increases the production of collagen and elastin and increase vaginal secretions. By doing so, this actually TREATS the underlying pathology, instead of putting a temporary band-aid on the problem with surgery or hormone therapy.

When choosing the correct facility and provider to treat you with this procedure there are several things you SHOULD know:

1. There are many versions of vaginal rejuvenation therapy from ultrasound and heat to the gold standard of a fractional laser. When choosing a treatment the one with the most research and positive results have been found with treatments using a Fractional C02 Laser which is what we use at FORM Med Spa with the Syneron Candela Laser.

2. Many facilities will allow non-qualified employees to use this VERY POWERFUL laser for convenience. You should be choosing someone who is a licensed provider such as an MD, PA or NP. Estheticians, medical assistants and accessory office staff should NOT be performing this procedure on you and we believe in this principle here at FORM.This is Bree, our PA, and expert, in Vaginal Rejuvenation Therapy. She came to us with 3 years of experience in Urologic Surgery. As a PA she is medically qualified to identify the correct patients for this treatment and any contraindications the patient may have.

3. There are reasons you may NOT be a great candidate for our vaginal laser treatment. This is partly why it is so important to carefully select the person who will be treating you.

4. While it is a painless procedure and non-surgical there is still downtime for your vagina. The C02 Intima requires 7 days of vaginal rest following the procedure which includes no intercourse, tampon or other objects placed in the vagina as well as no bathing or swimming for 7 days.

5. Three treatments are usually required spaced 3-4 weeks apart.

6. The external vaginal area can be treated for esthetic purposes to improve texture, tone, hyperpigmentation and looseness of skin on the external vagina. We have before and after photos here at FORM we would be happy to show you. But, there is a limit on how much it can retract the skin. There are restrictions to what a laser can do. Some offices just want your business and will give you false expectations.

There is a FANTASTIC article about our Intima procedure from LIVEBOX you can find clicking HERE!

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